Credits and Sources


The vast majority of current season information comes from the individual State Federations, the clubs themselves, various websites, local journalists and local newspapers. I merely collate this into a quick easy one-stop reference point for all of the states. To all of these people who regularly contribute my most grateful thanks.



Historical data has been derived from my own records kept over many years, the State Federations, the clubs themselves, news agencies, newspapers, individual people and a great many websites that individually contain small amounts of information but collectively add, enhance and cross check with details I already hold.


Finally if anyone can help fill in missing details please email me. The rule is that if its published on the site that, generally speaking, is all I have on that particular topic so if something is missing I need that data. If there is a blank results/tables page it usually means I just havenít got around to loading the data yet or I don't have it.

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